Patrick Nobbe

Software Engineer

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About Me

I am an ambitious and enthusiastic Software Engineer with a drive to learn about new technologies. I am a flexible and analytical learner who is able to learn new techniques quickly and proficiently, which means I am always prepared to try new things whenever opportunities arise.

I have done many things to expand my field of expertise outside of my education at Avans University, such as establishing my own webdevelopment business, Skynex, working as a peertutor for Avans, and participating in competitive programming contests such as BAPC and NWERC.

I am very dedicated to my career choice and to that of my employer. I am able to problem solve well and have excellent communicational skills. I am able to present my work and findings in an appropriate manner to both colleagues and clients to ensure that miscommunication is never an issue.




My job at Skynex consisted everything between running a business and being a Software Engineer. Being a co-founder in a startup company has given me much insight into IT businesses that you will not learn anywhere else.


Software Engineering Intern

At TalentSoft I spent my time redesigning several components of a legacy application, merging them together into coherent architecture. This was done using ColdFusion.

Avans University of Applied Sciences

Peertutor Java

Being a peertutor at Avans has given me the opportunity to teach freshman students the basics of programming. Not only is this a good way to put your own skills to the test and refresh your memory, you also teach people something new.


Bachelor of Science

September 2013 - July 2018 (Expected)

Avans University of Applied Sciences

During my time at Avans I have learned to become a professional software developer, fit to join any development team when I graduate. Next to my education at Avans I have also participated in the Avans competitive programming team, competing in international competitions such as BAPC and NWERC and helped to organize programming competitions within Avans itself.


Space Wars

Space Wars is a space-themed Battleships game, created using Node.js and allowing for online turn-based action.

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